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Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep?

Explore the adorable quirks of cats as they spend up to 16 hours a day in slumber. Whether curled up ...
nocturnal cats custom crop

Are Cats Nocturnal?

"Unraveling the mysteries of feline behavior, Stephen Quandt, a nationally recognized cat behavioral specialist, sheds light on a common misconception ...
cat knocking over water bowl is this normal 1 1024x615 1 custom crop

My Cat Keeps Knocking Over Their Water Bowl. Is This Normal?

According to Stephen Quandt, a feline behavior expert, cats' fascination with water stems from a complex love-hate relationship. Exploring this ...
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Cat Exercise: 12 Ways To Keep Your Kitty In Shape

Are you tired of dodging "drive-by ankle-biting" attacks from your energetic cat? Concerned about your feline friend's health due to ...
cat headbutt cat rubbing head 1200x675 1 custom crop

Bonk! Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me?

Discover the adorable meaning behind your cat's headbutts! When your feline friend headbutts you, it's a loving gesture known as ...
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What’s the Best Type of Litter Box?

In my years of reviewing cat litter boxes, I've explored every category imaginable: covered, uncovered, top entry, automatic, sifting, and ...
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Cat Suckling: Why Cats Suckle and How To Stop It

In this article, we unravel the mystery of suckling behavior in adult cats, a phenomenon that can puzzle and concern ...
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Pets and Mental Wellness: Stephen Quandt On How to Maximize the Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

An Interview With Wanda Malhotra In this interview series, we explore the profound impact pets have on our mental well-being, ...
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How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

In this article, we dive into a common holiday dilemma for cat owners: protecting Christmas trees from playful feline antics. ...
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How Long Is Too Long To Leave Your Cat at Home Alone?

In this article, we explore a common misconception about cats' independence and the importance of considering their well-being when left ...
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Cat Litter Box Styles: What To Know and How To Pick

In this article, we'll discuss the importance of providing your cat with a clean, comfy, and easily accessible bathroom spot, ...
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How Long Do Cats Hold Grudges?

In this article, let's talk about the strange behaviors our cats sometimes show, like squinty-eyed stares, being feisty, or acting ...
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Are Christmas Trees Toxic to Cats?

In this article, discover whether Christmas trees pose a toxic threat to your feline friends. According to Dr. Renee Schmid, ...
cat spraying cat in garden 960x540 1 custom crop

How To Keep Cats From Spraying All Over Your Home

In this article, explore the phenomenon of spraying, also known as urine marking, commonly exhibited by cats to assert their ...
kitten sleeping min 960x540 1 custom crop

The Night Shift: Where Should Kittens Sleep The First Night?

In this article, the author provides guidance on where a kitten should sleep on its first night. The options include ...
Lrya cat tree claws 960x540 1 custom crop

Review: The Reconfigurable PETLIBRO Infinity Cat Tree Sparks Joy in Bored Kitties

In this article, the author reviews the PETLIBRO Infinity Cat Tree, highlighting its modular design, ease of assembly, and affordability. ...
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Meet Cute: How To Introduce A Kitten To A Dog

In this article, the author provides tips for introducing a kitten to a dog. Key steps include preparing separate spaces, ...
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14 Essential Items For New Kittens

In this article, the author details the essential items needed for a new kitten, such as a pet carrier, kitten-specific ...
do cats know their name 1 custom crop

Do Cats Know Their Names— Or Are They Ignoring You On Purpose?

In this article, the author explores whether cats know their names and how they respond to them. Research and expert ...
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13 Friendliest Cat Breeds

In this article, the author lists the 13 friendliest cat breeds, highlighting their characteristics and suitability as affectionate pets. Breeds ...

Stephen is quoted as an expert in additional articles on subjects like disaster preparedness, sleep patterns, raising cats & dogs together, why cats hiss, and more. Click “next” to explore numerous tips and professional advice…

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  • stars 5 yellow  Stephen is the best! He has the expertise and experience helping people understand and care for their cats and is also a wonderful and caring person. I met with Stephen... read more

    thumb Anne

    stars 5 yellow  Helpful information

    thumb Halley

    stars 5 yellow  Great experience, really helpful and knowledgeable.

    thumb Lucas
  • stars 5 yellow  Exactly as advertised - Stephen is a pro. He asked great questions before our meeting and really dove into our specific situation during the session. On top of bringing experience... read more

    thumb Sarah

    stars 5 yellow  Wow, just wow! Stephen is so professional, prepared, and knowledgeable . We learned so much that we can apply to our Lola to overcome her fears and anxiety. He not... read more

    thumb Carol

    stars 5 yellow  Wow, what an amazing experience. Stephen is obviously a qualified expert, but he is also a really warm and personable host. He went above and beyond in helping me figure... read more

    thumb Sarah
  • stars 5 yellow  Stephen is a real expert for cats‘ behaviour, highly experienced and oberwhelmingly friendly. Highly recommendable. Don‘t miss it!????????

    thumb Bettina

    stars 5 yellow  Stephen is amazing! Even if you don't think your cat needs behavioral work, I highly recommend booking a session. Our cats are pretty well-adjusted, so we were just looking to... read more

    thumb McKinley

    stars 5 yellow  I can’t recommend Stephen highly enough! Since I booked a little further in advance, he even took some time prior to our private session to get to know more about... read more

    thumb Max
  • stars 5 yellow  Stephen is such a thoughtful, kind, and generous person. I felt completely at ease as soon as I booked the experience. We immediately corresponded and I just knew from there... read more

    thumb Natalie

    stars 5 yellow  Stephen was very kind and shared a lot of great information and ideas for helping my senior cat! It was a very personalized and positive experience! I would highly recommend!

    thumb Diana

    stars 5 yellow  No encantó conocer a Stephen, preparó una plática especial para mi hijo de 8 años en la que le enseñó como leer las actitudes de los gatos y le contó... read more

    thumb Nadia
  • stars 5 yellow  Stephen did a great job of listening to the issues I am having and delivered a thorough and thoughtful plan that is already starting to show results.

    thumb Kelsey

    stars 5 yellow  Stephen went above and beyond to make my Mom and I️ feel welcome. He is incredibly knowledgable and eager to help in any he can. I️ learned so much in... read more

    thumb Stephanie

    stars 5 yellow  If you’re thinking of contacting/booking - stop thinking and do it! Stephan is fantastic - I just wish I’d found him 2-3 months ago, it would’ve reduced my stress.... read more

    thumb Gina
  • stars 5 yellow  What an awesome opportunity! Thank you so much, I learnt a lot about my own cats and about cats in general and felt very welcomed. A unique experience. I think... read more

    thumb Sarah

    stars 5 yellow  Our experience with Stephen was excellent. He listened to all our concerns and was thoughtful and thorough in his recommendations. He sent us materials before and after our experience. He... read more

    thumb Maria

    stars 5 yellow  He is a wonderful human, period. He has so much information and experience and seemed so interested in our own cats, it was as if he lived with us! Worth... read more

    thumb Constance
  • stars 5 yellow  We really love the experience with Stephan! Although we were not looking for this behavior help and we say it by random - we were so happy to find it.... read more

    thumb Sophia

    stars 5 yellow  Whether you have cats or are thinking about adopting one and want to know more about how to prepare, this is the perfect experience. Stephen was super available from the... read more

    thumb Andreia

    stars 5 yellow  Don’t want to make this too long and believe me, I could write pages about how much we enjoyed Stephen’s consultation. He is a down-to-earth guy, very knowledgeable, and very... read more

    thumb Alexei
  • stars 5 yellow  Stephen gave me hope that I didn't have before. And he helped give me peace of mind that whatever direction I go I will have support along the way. Thank... read more

    thumb Dionna

    stars 5 yellow  Meeting with Stephen was absolutely wonderful! He is so knowledgeable and sympathetic about cats with behavioural issues!! This experience was absolutely worth it, you get so much out of it!... read more

    thumb Elizabeth

    stars 5 yellow  Stephen was attentive and knowledgeable. Would recommend!

    thumb Charlotte

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Creating a Happier World for Cats
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Based in New York City, and available virtually over Zoom, worldwide.
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