orange cat playing piano

Do Cats Like Music?

Do cats like music? As I write this I’m listening to David Teie’s Music for Cats and specifically, “Lolo’s Air” and my cat Cricket perked up, stared towards the sound, and then went promptly to sleep. I think it is generally safe to say that cats perceive music as sound, but not as music the…

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cat jumping used in the cat behavior help blog post, Cats and their place of the scale of predation vs. prey

Cats and Their Place on the Scale of Predation vs. Prey

Kittens at four to six weeks of age are often very similar. At four weeks they are just learning to explore the world and show virtually nothing of their adult personality development. When you look at all the variations in adult cat personalities, whether they are confident, nervous, playful, lazy, affectionate, independent,  lap cat, non-lap…

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a kitten snuggling with an older feline taken from the cat behavior help blog post called: Are you my mother? Cats and their relationship to us

Are You My Mother? Cats and Their Relationship to Us

  So what is our real relationship with cats and how do they view us? In nature when looking at cat colonies what we see is that adult cats do not tend to meow to each other. They make all sorts of other vocalizations, but adult to adult they generally don’t meow. They may caterwaul,…

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